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  1. The students are required to reach the school at least 5 minutes prior to the assembly. The students, who reach the school after the assembly has started, shall be returned back.


  1. The monitors are required to man the classes until the teachers enter the class rooms. If a class is without a teacher even after 5 minutes of the bell, the monitor must report the same to the Principal.


  1. The time table must be brought to the school daily by the students. The books and note-books are to be brought to the school as per the time-table.


  1. The students are required to come to the school in proper and neat and clean uniform daily failing which they won’t be permitted to attend to the classes.


        5. The students are required to be friendly , polite and courteous to others. They must not spoil school furniture, black-board, duster, walls etc. they must not run unless they are assigned to.