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Angel High School, a renowned name in the field of quality education, is committed to impart the type of education and training to the children that not only meets their requirement to achieve excellent educational standard but also prepares them to negotiate the challenges in their future life manfully,  surmount them and find their rightful place in the society.

The school takes special interest in inculcating in them human qualities like affection and kindness, respect for elders and love for younger’s, punctuality and self- discipline; infusing the true spirit of nationalism and religious tolerance to embrace all human beings irrespective of their caste ,creed and language ,as expected of a true Indian citizen.

The school infuses the spirit of healthy competitions in students so that they are able to face the cut throat competitions that await them in every sphere of life boldly and confidently.

In a nutshell, to fulfill its mission the school provides all facilities within and outside the classrooms for stimulating initiative and drive, encouraging industry and resourcefulness  infusing self belief and unwavering determination. It provides a perfect platform for building a complete and all round development of the personality of its students and injects in them the moral strength and character that brings out the best in them for their own well being as well as for the well-being of our great nation.